1. July 18, 2018
  2. Inside Break: A Frisky Friskee Finds Fun
  3. Inside Break: Manuela On Facing Molly Brown
  4. July 17, 2018
  5. WUCC 2018: Tuesday Recap (Men’s)
  6. WUCC 2018: Tuesday Recap (Mixed)
  7. WUCC 2018: Tuesday Recap (Women’s)
  8. Here Are The WUCC 2018 Brackets
  9. Inside Break: Ring At Summer Camp
  10. Explaining the Format of the World Ultimate Club Championships
  11. Inside Break: ZUF Finds Their Groove On Their Way to Power Pool
  12. ulti.TV Producer Mike Palmer Gets Surprise ‘I Do’ During Stream
  13. Tuesday WUCC Livestreaming & Video Archives
  14. Inside Break: First Timers Win Their Pool With Their Own Style
  15. WUCC 2018: Monday Recap (Men’s)
  16. Inside Break: Manuela Cardenas’ Self-Portrait
  17. WUCC 2018: Monday Recap (Mixed)
  18. WUCC 2018: Monday Recap (Women’s)
  19. July 16, 2018
  20. Inside Break: CUSB Building On A Strong Foundation
  21. The Handler’s Prayer
  22. Inside Break: GRUT Stumbles Again On Day Two
  23. July 15, 2018
  24. Inside Break: 6ixers Hoping for High Spirit and Game Scores
  25. WUCC 2018: Day 2 Recap (Women’s)
  26. Inside Break: Revolution Dances Into WUCC
  27. WUCC 2018: Day 2 Recap (Men’s)
  28. WUCC 2018: Day Two Recap (Mixed)
  29. America-Themed Opening Ceremonies Welcome Ultimate World to Ohio
  30. Late Comeback Pushes Wild Card In Front of GRUT in Showcase Thriller
  31. Inside Break: GRUT Lets Dream Start Escape
  32. July 14, 2018
  33. WUCC 2018: Asia-Pacific Men’s Team Profiles (Nomadic Tribe & Colony)
  34. WUCC 2018: Asia-Pacific Women’s Team Profiles (Havoc & Ellipsis)
  35. WUCC 2018: Asia-Pacific Mixed Team Profiles (Stall7 & Friskee)
  1. AUDL Week 15 Power Rankings: The Calm Before The Storm

  2. Club Power Rankings, Presented By NUTC [Jul. 12, 2018]

  3. AUDL Power Ranking Updates

  4. Club Power Ranking Updates

  5. 7 Takeaways From The Pro-Elite Challenge (Mixed)

  6. 7 Takeaways From The Pro-Elite Challenge (Women’s)

  7. Pro-Elite Challenge 2018: Tournament Recap (Men’s)

  8. Product Review: TOKAY Ultimate Cleats

  9. Pro-Elite Challenge 2018: Molly Brown v. Riot [Women’s Final]

    Molly Brown’s Claire Chastain throws against Riot’s Kelly Johnson. Photo: Brad Cochi

    Check out the Women’s Final of the 2018 Pro-Elite Challenge between Seattle Riot and Denver Molly Brown, presented for free as a part of our partnership with USA Ultimate! Get more access to 2018 Club Division video with an Ultiworld Subscription; get an early bird price on a Team Pack until Friday!

    Pro-Elite Challenge 2018: Molly Brown v. Riot [Women’s Final]

    Here’s the article referenced about Sarah Griffith and Sandy Jorgensen’s defense.

    —Charlie Eisenhood Jul 10, 2018 at 2:20PM
  10. Pro-Elite Challenge 2018: Filming Schedule

    Will we see Claire Chastain and Molly Brown take on Riot in the PEC final? Photo: Rodney Chen —

    Here is Ultiworld’s filming schedule for the 2018 Pro-Elite Challenge in Denver, CO, at Colorado Cup. Please note that these games are only being filmed, NOT streamed. Access to the footage will be available to Full and Plus subscribers!

    Information about the 2018 Club Team Pack will be out today! (more…)

    —Charlie Eisenhood Jul 3, 2018 at 9:58AM
  11. Pro-Elite Challenge 2018: Mixed Day One Recap

  12. Pro-Elite Challenge: Day One Recap (Women’s)

  13. Pro-Elite Challenge 2018: Day One Recap (Men’s)

  14. Club Season Mega-Preview 2018: Mixed Division

  15. Club Season Mega-Preview 2018: Women’s Division

  16. Club Season Mega-Preview 2018: Men’s Division

  17. Pro-Elite Challenge 2018: Tournament Preview (Women’s)

  18. Pro-Elite Challenge 2018: Tournament Preview (Men’s)

  19. Pro-Elite Challenge 2018: Tournament Preview (Mixed)

  20. AUDL Week 14 Power Rankings: Playoff Race Chaos

  21. Announcing The 2018 Club Team Pack

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