Past Articles in Podcast

  1. Deep Look: PUL Expansion, Maddy Frey, AUDL to Boston

    It's semi-pro week on Deep Look!

  2. EuroZone: Europe Awards, First National Teams

    Liam and Ravi break down the 2019 Europe Awards!

  3. Deep Look: Mega-Mailbag, Thanksgiving Food

    Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  4. Sin The Fields: A Show About Nothing

    Off the rails!

  5. Deep Look: Dylan Freechild, CCC

    College chatter and a national champion.

  6. Deep Look: Nationals Recap Pt. 2, Mailbag

    More interesting stories from Nationals!

  7. EuroZone: Men’s vs Open, EMUC Recap

    Should WFDF go back to calling it the open division?

  8. Sin The Fields: Just Nationals

    Nothing but the most important stories from the Club Championships!

  9. Deep Look: Nationals Recap Show [Pt. 1]

    So many storylines!

  10. Deep Look: National Quarterfinals Recap [LIVE]

    What. A. Day.

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