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    College Power Rankings, Presented By NUTC [February 28, 2024]

    Some down-the-rankings effects from Commonwealth and Easterns Qualifier as teams buckle up for one of the most packed weekends of the season

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    Commonwealth Cup 2024: Tournament Recap (Women’s Div.)

    Tufts emerged victorious over Michigan 13-5 while Notre Dame and University of Pennsylvania both impressed in semifinals. Plus, tournament lines

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    Easterns Qualifier 2024: Centering Pass Day Two (Men’s Div.)

    UNCW rose above the masses to clinch EQ with wins over UNC Charlotte, Penn State, and South Carolina, though the latter two did just enough to earn bids to Easterns

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    Ultiworld’s 2023 Throw Of The Year Bracket (Round 3)

    The top throws we captured in 2023.

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    Commonwealth Cup 2024: Day Two Centering Pass (Women’s Div.)

    Tufts emerged after a come-from-behind semis win to dominate the final over Michigan

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  • Georgia vs. NC State (Men’s Pool Play)
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