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  1. WATCH: Miami Ohio Player Throws An Insane “Foot Flick” Assist

    Check out this highlight from the Miami Ohio men’s team at High Tide, where Leland Schwartz fired off a flick with his foot between two…

  2. Boon Rockstar Cup: Buzz Bullets (JPN) v. Colony (AUS)

    Check out the Men’s final from the Boon Rockstar Cup, one of the top tournaments in Asia, between Japan’s Buzz Bullets and Australia’s Colony (feat.

  3. Tally Classic 2018: Filming Schedule

    Our coverage of the Tally Classic is presented by Spin Ultimate. Please support the brands that make Ultiworld possible and shop at Spin Ultimate!

  4. Beau Kittredge Leaving Revolver, Moving To New York To Compete With Empire

    Beau Kittredge is leaving San Francisco Revolver in advance of their WUCC year and moving to New York to compete with the AUDL’s Empire, he…

  5. Photo Of The Day: UNC’s Elijah Long

    What a moment!

  6. UUL Misses Kickstarter Funding Target, Won’t Continue

    The United Ultimate League officially missed its Kickstarter fundraising goal last night, generating only 47% of its $50,000 goal in pledges.

  7. Easterns 2018: Team List

    Our coverage of Easterns 2018 is presented by Spin Ultimate; all opinions are those of the author.

  8. Stanford Invite 2018: Livestreaming Schedule & Pools

    Our coverage of the Stanford Invite is presented by VC & Spin Ultimate; all opinions are those of the author.

  9. Gold Medalist Curler Matt Hamilton Plays Ultimate, Tweets That He’ll Go To Radicals Event

    Matt Hamilton, the mustachioed curler who helped deliver a gold medal for the USA in the Men’s competition, told NBC earlier this month that he…

  10. New President Of William & Mary An Ultimate Coach, Organizer

    One of the most accomplished people to ever write for Ultiworld!

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