Past Articles

  1. Penn Holds High Tide Commencement for Seniors

    It was in the midst of just another High Tide, the spring break ultimate frisbee tournament in Myrtle Beach, S.

  2. Send it Back: Sockeye v. PoNY (2018 National Semifinal)

    With no live ultimate games on the calendar anytime soon, we decided it would be a great time to go back and watch some classics.

  3. College Throwback: Livestreaming College Classics This Weekend

    Catch some classic college ultimate this weekend!

  4. NC State’s Henry Poe for Callahan 2020

    The first of the season?

  5. Michigan Flywheel Holds Impromptu Graduation Ceremony For Seniors

    After finding out that classes, practices, and tournaments were over, Michigan Flywheel seniors and fifth years were left distraught and confused.

  6. USA Mixed WUGC 2020 Roster

    Team USA Mixed!

  7. USA Women’s WUGC 2020 Roster

    Team USA Women's!

  8. USA Open WUGC 2020 Roster

    Team USA Open!

  9. Bologna Invite Cancelled due to COVID-19 Coronavirus

    Another major European tournament cancelled.

  10. Northwest Challenge Tier 2/3 Cancelled Due to Coronavirus

    Following tournament cancellations in Japan and Italy, the US has had its first ultimate event — Northwest Challenge Tier 2 & 3 — cancelled due…

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