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Ultiworld is the premier news media site dedicated to the sport of ultimate. From in-depth reporting to video highlights, we strive to bring you the most interesting and important stories from around the globe. Our website delivers a running stream of news, analysis, and commentary, punctuated by video features, recaps, and more from games and tournaments. Read the fuller explanation of our vision.

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Charlie Eisenhood – Founder, Editor-in-Chief (email)
Steve Sullivan – Executive Editor (email)
Orion Burt – Director of Technology (email)
Keith Raynor – Senior Editor, Business Development Manager (email)
Aidan Shapiro Leighton – Video Editor (email)
Simon Pollock – Contributing Editor (email)
Meghan Bartlett – Deputy Editor (email)
Sean Childers – Editor Emeritus (email)
Ravi Vasudevan – European Editor (email)
Katie Raynolds – Women’s D1 College Editor (email)
Mike Ball – Men’s D3 College Editor (email)
Sam Echevarria – Women’s D3 College Editor (email)

Staff Writers

Graham Gerhart – Senior Staff Writer (email)
Daniel Prentice – Senior Staff Writer (email)
Patrick Stegemoeller – Senior Staff Writer (email)

Colin Clauset – Staff Writer (email)
Charlie Enders – Staff Writer (email)
Zakk Mabrey – Staff Writer (email)
Cody Mills – Staff Writer (email)
Alex Rummelhart – Staff Writer (email)
Tim Schoch – Staff Writer (email)
Sion ‘Brummie’ Scone – Staff Writer (email)
Hugo Sowder – Staff Writer (email)
Tad Wissel – Staff Writer (email)

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