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  1. Sin The Fields: Pat Made Nationals

    We had to come back for this one.

  2. Sin The Fields: Shameless Promotional Cashgrab Special Episode

    Check in with Pat and Tad after a year hiatus.

  3. Sin The Fields: Best Of Bits

    A look back on the show's best bits!

  4. Sin The Fields: Best Of Interviews

    A look back on the show's best guests!

  5. Sin The Fields: Let It Rip

    It’s Wildwood and STF somehow made it to 150 episodes, so what better way to celebrate than with a wildly indulgent¬†episode about sun, sand, good…

  6. Sin The Fields: The World’s Game

    Is ultimate the world's game?

  7. Sin The Fields: Summertime Gladness

    Summer is here and STF is... also here.

  8. Sin The Fields: Winding Up

    Windmill's back!

  9. Sin The Fields: Back to Milwaukee

    College Nationals is here!

  10. Sin The Fields: Many Things, Most Places, Nowish

    10 years of the AUDL?!

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