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Lindsay Soo

Lindsay Soo is a video editor and producer for Ultiworld based in North Carolina. They have been playing competitively since 2012 and coaching since 2018. Their experience includes from D-III and D-I College, Club, Semi-Professional, and International competition. On Twitter and Instagram @soonami14, @soo_digital_media

  1. Great Performances: Julia Schmaltz

    A legendary College Nationals performance.

  2. Great Performances: Julianna Galian

    Julianna Galian dominated this women's semifinal!

  3. Great Performances: Jolie Krebs

    Jolie Krebs put on a show at Commonwealth Cup II.

  4. Great Performances: Jacques Nissen

    Jacques Nissen put on a show at Florida Warm Up.

  5. Deep Look: Biggest Stories of 2023

    Looking back at 2023!

  6. 10 Iconic Club Nationals Highlights

    The biggest highlights of the last 10 Club Nationals.

  7. Great Performances: Alex Atkins

    Alex Atkins dominated in the 2022 Club Men's Final!

  8. Sko Buffs: Colorado’s Quest for Greatness

    Calling all Colorado fans!

  9. Great Performances: Josie Gillett

    Some games are dominated by great players.

  10. 2022 Club Championships Highlights

    WATCH: The best of the 2022 Club Championships

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