2022 US Open

Ultiworld is excited to provide reporting and filming from the 2022 US Open Club Championships in Blaine, MN taking place Friday August 5th through Monday August 8th. We will be livestreaming FREE 15 games and filming 15 more for tape delay release for Full and Plus Subscribers. All of our livestreamed games will be watchable on our Live page or on the USAU YouTube channel. All games filmed for tape delay will be available for Full and Plus Subscribers after the weekend and after some post-production.

Note that ESPN will be broadcasting the semifinals and finals of the adult Club Mixed and Men's divisions. Those games will only be watchable if you have access to ESPN3 (semifinals) or ESPN2 (finals).

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Coverage Schedule
All times CDTSwitch time zone

08/05 08:30 AM Arizona Lawless vs. Philadephia AMP (X, Pool Play)
08/05 10:45 AM Minneapolis Sub Zero vs. Chicago Machine (M, Pool Play)
08/05 01:00 PM Seattle Emerald City vs. Atlanta Chain Lightning (M, Pool Play)
08/05 03:15 PM Mixed Crossover
08/05 06:00 PM BIPOC Showcase
08/06 10:30 AM Men’s Quarterfinal
08/06 12:45 PM Mixed 5th Place Semifinal
08/06 01:00 PM Mixed Semifinal
08/06 02:30 PM Men’s Placement Game
08/06 03:30 PM Men’s Semifinal
08/06 05:45 PM Red Dawn vs. Triforce (U-20 Boys)
08/06 06:30 PM Mixed Semifinal
08/06 09:00 PM Men’s Semifinal
08/07 08:30 AM Mixed 3rd Place
08/07 10:45 AM Men’s 3rd Place
08/07 11:00 AM Mixed Final
08/07 01:30 PM U-20 Girls Quarterfinal
08/07 01:30 PM Men’s Final
08/07 03:45 PM U-20 Mixed Quarterfinal
08/08 08:30 AM U-20 Girls Semifinal
08/08 12:00 PM U-20 Girls Final
08/08 02:00 PM U-20 Boys Final

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Subscriber Exclusives

  • Pittsburgh vs. Massachusetts (Men’s Pool Play)
    Video for full subscribers
  • Cal Poly SLO vs. Vermont (Men’s Pool Play)
    Video for full subscribers
  • Northeastern vs. Minnesota (Men’s Pool Play)
    Video for full subscribers
  • Brown vs. Oregon (Men’s Pool Play)
    Video for full subscribers