2018 U.S. Open Club Championships

Ultiworld, USA Ultimate, ESPN, and TSN will be filming & broadcasting over 50 games from the U.S. Open and Youth Club Championships in Blaine, MN from Friday August 3rd through Monday August 6th.

Live Ultiworld games will be available for free on our YouTube channel and easily accessed on our Live page along side our extensive reporting from the tournament (our livestreaming schedule is below). Live USA Ultimate games will be available on the USAU Facebook page.

If you missed one of our livestreams, all live Ultiworld games are later made available in our video archives to Ultiworld Subscribers with a Full or Plus plan. Tape delay games are only available after the event and only to Full or Plus Subscribers.

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Coverage Schedule (All times EDT)

08/03 11:30 AM PoNY v. Buzz Bullets (M)
08/03 11:30 AM [Tape Delay] Love Tractor v. AMP (X)
08/03 01:45 PM [Tape Delay] Sub Zero v. Johnny Bravo
08/03 01:45 PM Siege v. Nightlock (W)
08/03 04:00 PM BFG v. Mixtape (X)
08/03 04:00 PM [Tape Delay] Ozone v. Brute Squad
08/04 09:30 AM [Tape Delay] Public Enemy v. Drag’n Thrust (X)
08/04 11:45 AM Machine v. Johnny Bravo (M)
08/04 11:45 AM [Tape Delay] Doublewide v. Buzz Bullets (M)
08/04 05:00 PM [Tape Delay] Mixed Semifinal
08/05 11:00 AM [Tape Delay] Women’s Semifinal
08/06 11:45 AM Minnesota Superior v Seattle Bankroll (U20 X Semi)
08/06 03:45 PM U-20 Boys Final

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