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Club Throwback: US Open & YCC

Let's enjoy 12 thrilling games from previous US Open and YCC tournaments together! Ultiworld is excited to bring these games out of our subscriber archives and livestream them FREE for everyone to enjoy this weekend.

If you want to have an even more communal experience, head over to the YouTube watch pages or our YouTube channel ( to join in the live chat!

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Coverage Schedule (All times EDT)

07/31 07:00 PM Club Throwback: Ironside vs Revolver (M Pool Play, 2013)
07/31 09:00 PM Club Throwback: Riot vs Fury (W Pool Play, 2017)
08/01 11:00 AM Club Throwback: AMP vs Metro North (Mixed Pool Play, 2017)
08/01 01:00 PM Club Throwback: Molly Brown vs Tokyo MUD (Women’s Pool Play, 2017)
08/01 03:00 PM Club Throwback: Ring of Fire vs Truck Stop (Men’s Pool Play, 2015)
08/01 05:00 PM Club Throwback: BFG vs Mixtape (Mixed Pool Play, 2018)
08/02 11:00 AM Club Throwback: Boston BUDA vs California Current (Girls Quarterfinal, 2019)
08/02 01:00 PM Club Throwback: Sockeye vs Machine (Men’s Pool Play, 2019)
08/02 03:00 PM Club Throwback: Scandal vs Brute Squad (Women’s Semifinal, 2019)
08/02 05:00 PM Club Throwback: Team USA vs Team Colombia (Mixed Showcase, 2013)
08/03 03:00 PM Club Throwback: DC Swing Vote vs Bay Area Happy Cows (Mixed Final, 2016)
08/03 05:00 PM Club Throwback: NC Warhawks vs DC Rogue, NC Triforce vs Boston BUDA (2017 YCC Finals)

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