Past Articles from Tiina Booth

Tiina is an Ultiworld columnist. She retired from teaching English at Amherst Regional High School 4 years ago and retired from coaching their varsity boys team this past September. She still runs the National Ultimate Training Camp and offers clinics on coaching, training and sports psychology to teams of all levels. She is a co-author of Essential Ultimate and one of the founders of the Ultimate Coaches and Players Conference. She will be coaching the UMass men’s team for the 2014-15 season.

  1. 2017 National Championships Report Card

    I decided to pretend I was a college professor for this report card, knowing that they most often are allowed weeks to turn in grades.

  2. Tiina’s Take: Sarasota From Z To A

    Tiina Booth gives final thoughts on her experience at Club Nationals.

  3. Tiina’s Take: Nationals Day Three

    Some off-the-field thoughts.

  4. Tiina’s Take: Nationals Day Two

    Semis Saturday!

  5. Tiina’s Take: Nationals Day One

    A fun first day at Nationals.

  6. Tiina’s Take: Nationals’ Eve

    ‘Twas the night before Natties and all through the Keys, not a creature was stirring, ‘cept those icing their knees…

  7. Tiina’s Take On The College Regular Season

    Tiina's back!

  8. Who Is Your Terrific Teammate?

    An homage to wonderful teammates.

  9. Building Buy-In

    Tiina Booth talks about how to get a team to buy in.

  10. The Do’s And Don’ts Of Post-Season Blues

    Transitioning seasons can be tough. Here's what to do (and not do) to make it easier.

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