Past Articles from Chelsea Pockets


Chelsea Pockets is a co-host of the Laying it Out podcast. She is a Lehigh alumnus.

  1. Laying it Out: THE Mike Ball talks Pro Champs

    Do you have what it takes to run a tournament?

  2. Laying it Out: Quarter Life Crisis

    A hot month for frisbee!

  3. Laying it Out: Wildwood & Dragons

    Surviving Wildwood, Dungeons and Dragons Style

  4. Laying it Out: Scotti Doesn’t Know – World Games

    How do you pronounce WFDF?

  5. Laying it Out: Summertime Madness


  6. Laying it Out: Summertime Sadness – Mini Episode

    Scotti and Pockets reflect on their less than stellar weeks.

  7. Laying it Out: Heating up with Pockets and … Dotti Scempsey?

    Coming back to ultimate post-COVID.

  8. Laying it Out: Keepin’ it 7500


  9. Laying it Out: PS and the Search for the Golden Snitch

    An even nicher sport

  10. Laying it Out: Fools Fest & Lindsay Soo

    The 2021 Player of the Year.

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