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Lorcan Murray

Lorcán Murray is an Ultiworld contributor and freelance journalist. He lives in Limerick, Ireland. He plays ultimate for PELT and with his mustache regularly. You can reach him by email: or follow him on Twitter @RevLorcan.

  1. EuroZone: WUCC Recap

    Looking back at European teams' showing at WUCC!

  2. In Just Their Third Season, BFG Captures A World Title

    A superb performance from start to finish.

  3. WUCC 2018: Semifinals Recap (Mixed)

    Big early leads made for little drama indoors.

  4. Inside Break: Hard Lessons

    The problem with experience is that it never comes easy.

  5. WUCC 2018: Quarterfinals Recap (Mixed)

    Could anyone dethrone the Americans, aside from the other Americans?

  6. Inside Break: The Meaning of Grut

    A young team tries to find their identity during the most competitive tournament of their careers.

  7. EuroZone: WUCC Quarterfinals

    Four European teams remain!

  8. WUCC 2018: Wednesday Recap (Mixed)

    The quarterfinals are set, and while every team has only to win the same number of games to medal, their paths to this point were less even.

  9. WUCC 2018: Tuesday Recap (Mixed)

    There's no more free passes; it's win or see you later!

  10. ulti.TV Producer Mike Palmer Gets Surprise ‘I Do’ During Stream

    A 'Yes!' from across the globe.

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